Ruth Hyndman, who makes her home in Marin, California, grew up close to Cambridge, England in a family of artists, writers, musicians and teachers.

After graduating with an honors degree in Graphic Design from Canterbury, England, Ruth worked as a graphic designer in London’s West End for fiveyears, before moving to California in 1992. Shortly thereafter she made another move, from graphic design to ceramics. Her work clearly shows the influences of her earlier career: strong geometric shapes and complementary tones and colors.

She produces a variety of work in clay. She hand-builds and coils one-of-a-kind minimalist sculptures in low fire white clay. The pieces are either under glazed or glazed to give varying degrees of texture and come in pale whites, celadon, grays and neutrals.

Her line of slip cast bottles, vases and lamps that we carry are formed from coil-built originals. They are produced in low fire white clay and hand glazed in earthy, gray and mossy tones.

Ceramic – Clarity Vase
Ceramic – Clarity Vase

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