Phil Koomen and his team work in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. The original “Pondlife” bench was produced in 1998. It has been described by The Independent Newspaper as “organic and wildly eccentric” and by Channel 4 Television as “absolutely beautiful”. THIS BENCH PRODUCED IN 2003 The Pondlife bench began as a one-off experimental flight of fancy, exploring the relationship between furniture and sculpture. The design aims to create an object that transcends its functional purpose, engaging the user and observer in an unusual aesthetic and tactile experience. Pondlife benches are made from locally and regionally sourced timber. The Pondlife bench can live indoors or outside equally well Construction: The Pondlife Bench is made from green sweet chestnut thinnings and air-dried cedar of Lebanon (for the seats) Finish: the benches are finished in Tung oil, a natural durable finish that can be revived with subsequent coats of oil Patina: wood exposed to the elements will develop a grey patina, a self protective finish. Alternative finishes that preserve the natural wood colour may be an option Individuality & uniqueness: the ‘reeds’ are hand-carved; each bench will therefore have its own character. Every bench is numbered.